Meet the future of Care Plans

GENNY® is an affordable and easy solution
to master care plans and grow your finances.

GENNY® is ready to join your team! Creating care plans and delivering financial options is the perfect job description for GENNY®. Hire GENNY® and watch your team master the art of  preparing and delivering care plans with payment options. Start to work with GENNY® and watch your practice and bank account grow!


By subscribing to GENNY®’s $1 offer:

  • You will have access to GENNY®’s free, crash course for mastering care planning. It’s guaranteed to give you the confidence to build powerful, customized care plans and reports with every patient or family in your practice
  • You will be able to start building careplans immediately using the built in tutorials and training hints. Try GENNY® out. Your total risk is $1 to use the profession’s most sophisticated careplanner.
Let's Get Started!

GENNY® is the Financial CA you always dreamed of hiring:

  • GENNY® acts like a virtual assistant,never missing work or calling in sick
  • GENNY® creates care plans & payment options in seconds
  • GENNY® never miscalculates or forgets to track data
  • GENNY® is flexible; building consistent care plans, your way
  • GENNY® processes your payments – available March 2016
  • GENNY®’s dashboard helps manage your practice income – coming soon
  • GENNY® makes friends easily, integrating with some of the professions leading softwares – expanding compatibility throughout in 2016

Fine print:
After the initial one month period, your credit card will be charged an ongoing monthly fee of $47.00 USD. You may cancel at anytime with 30 days notice by emailing Support@gennycares.com. NOTE: Cancellation of a subscription to GENNY<sup>®</sup>, the Official Care Plan Generator of Chiropractic DOES NOT include cancellation of any signed agreements with affiliated or unaffiliated merchant, credit or debit card processing firms.